Thrifting in my own Closet: Summer Dresses

Hello everyone! Today I have a few dresses from my closet to display. As you can tell from my other blog posts, I love dresses. These three dresses are only connected by the fact that I own them, but they serve a purpose and I love them.

Sleeveless Stripes

I met this little number at Gap sale either 2 or 3 years ago. There I was, sifting through the racks, trying to find something to catch my attention Flipped through the blouses, the pants then onto the dress section where I first laid eyes on this striped wonder. She caught my eye, and left the store with me that very day. She’s simple and feisty all at the same time. I love this dress for simple and casual, as well as formal with the right accessories. Β … p.s. I probably should have ironed it before the photo O.o my bad



Wrapped Metric

Wrap dresses and tops have become super popular Summer ’17, but I’ve been rocking a wrap dress long before then. I honestly have no idea how old this is, but I’m glad I found it. Somehow such a bold print seems simple to me, which might be a result of the colors and the style of the dress.Β I’ve worn this out to run errands, to have a good time or even to work with a matching camisole.



Floating Abstract

I found this summer breeze at Kohls in the sale section sometime last year. As soon as I picked it from the rack, I knew it would fit me so I was appalled when the tag was marked ‘medium’. All the same, it works great on me and I love this free flowing number for days when I want to be ultra-comfortable. This is a go-to movie theater or picnic dress for me since I can move freely in such a soft fabric. I love the print, and did I mention it has pockets?! Perfect!


What are your favorite comfort outfits? Let’s talk about it in the comments πŸ™‚

Karissa πŸ™‚



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