Closet Basics 

My style has evolved over the years as I have matured, but it hasn’t been a drastic change. These days my closet is filled with either super colorful or very simple pieces which gives me the best of both worlds. Ideal 🙂

Even though I adore colorful patterns and prints, there are a few basic staples in my wardrobe that carry me successfully through all seasons. These are things that I would spend a little more on to ensure I get the best quality so they last me throughout the years. As with all of my advice, take away what you like and can help you.


White and Grey T-shirt

I currently have 4 grey t-shirts and 2 white t-shirts in my closet, and I have no shame about it. I find that throwing on a t-shirt and jeans is one of the easiest ways for me to get dressed quickly and out of the house when I don’t feel like dressing up. I chose white and grey because I love the neutral colors they go amazing with all washes of jeans. If you don’t like t-shirts, then I suggest a blouse or a structured shirt like a dress shirt with short sleeves or long if you prefer.

white tee
If even I can wear them, you can too!


Do I really need to say anything? Well maybe for those in the back who don’t like jeans. There was a period during university where I stopped wearing jeans and only wore leggings, but I am now a firm jeans wearer. I currently only wear super skinny jeans because I love the silhouette. I love snug jeans from my ankle up to my waist. For the right occasion, however, I will make an exception and wear bootleg jeans when I’m going for a boho look.


I’m currently going on job interviews so I need to have a pair of dress pants ready to go. Even if your work environment is casual, it’s always a good idea to have a pair for any event or life change that may come up unexpectedly. Ensure that it’s well-fitting and can be paired with a shirt or blouse for a formal or semi-formal look.


Dresses are my favorite article of clothing, hands down! There are so many styles and trends to choose from so I am positive one is out there for you! Unless you aren’t as enamored by dresses as I am, which is totally fine. I love the freedom and lack of effort afforded by dresses. You can just throw it on, accessorize if you want, pick a shoe and go! No coordination of top and bottom required. In this summer heat, I need my legs and arms free to roam so dresses are my weapon of choice.

dress meme
*Me looking at dresses online and in stores*

Strapless bra

This has been a recent acquisition of mine. This is a summertime must for those of us who don’t mind baring some skin during the warmer months. Even though it is primarily for strapless clothing, I wear it with regular clothing because it provides such amazing support, and the added straps allow it to multi-task.

strapless bra meme
The joke is that I can’t ride a bike lol


Most days I find myself reaching for my pair or grey canvas sneakers when i’m out and about running errands or out for leisure. Sneakers of any kind are essential to my wardrobe. They’re perfect for extended standing or walking like going to the mall, the park, the fest or even work. Not to mention during workouts both outside and in the gym.


Some days we need more support, and some days we need less, so flats, whether ballet flats or sandals, are essential. I have flat feet, so I go for shoes that have a little more support with a sliver of a heel. Sandals are great for when our little piggies need to be free and in the open air.

What are your closet must haves? Leave me a comment below!

Be happy and healthy my loves! Karissa ♥


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9 thoughts on “Closet Basics 

    1. You can incorporate prints with baby steps like a purse or handbag or shoes or even socks. I love bright printed dresses and pants because they brighten my whole day and make me so happy, but I’m pretty picky with the colors. It takes a while to find the right prints for your style, but if you don’t like them or choose not to, that’s totally fine also! Thanks!

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      1. Socks!! Yes, my boss does this and I always look forward to seeing which ones he has on each day! Never thought off that 🙂 I’ve been thinking of spicing the wardrobe up a bit more! I read a post this week about a girl wearing all pink for a full week to see what kind of reaction she got and it really got me thinking! Especially reading yours not long after…. I’m taking these as a sign to get my butt in gear and get on it 🙂 Thank you for sharing xxx

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