Quick & Healthy Strawberry Parfait

strawberry granola parfait

Looking for a quick and easy snack or even meal, that will soothe your sweet tooth?Whenever my sweet tooth begins to ache and I want to have a healthy snack, I make this! What you need? Strawberries or other berries, Granola, Yogurt and Honey (optional) How to? Layer yogurt, granola and strawberry until the container… Continue reading Quick & Healthy Strawberry Parfait


Quick and Easy Corned Beef Goodness

Looking for a quick and easy snack or light meal? Well, get your pots and knives ready because I have just the one for you! Ingredients: CornĀ  Corned Beef - there are many different versions so choose whichever you likeĀ  Bell peppers - Ā use different colors to make it pretty Onion Seasonings - garlic, parsley,… Continue reading Quick and Easy Corned Beef Goodness