Short Story: An Introduction to John and his Tales of The Isles

John sat by the lake pondering the effect of the Collective on the history of the Isles. As he gazed over the glossy blue, he remembers the yarns his grandfather would spin every summer night by the fire during his childhood. Tales filled with intricacies and wonders. As a graduate student studying literature, John based his thesis on the structure, themes and ideas vivid within the campfire tales, and how they contributed to the flow and overall captivity. Now contemplating creating a collection of the tales so that children and adults alike may experience the wonder, he sits by the water next to the same campsite where his grandfather filled his head with amazement and recalls the details of the stories of his childhood.

The Isles was a mysterious conglomerate of desolate and flourishing colonies ruled by the Elder Gentiles. There were two realms and endless dimensions from which to choose. Each dimension was connected by the life source implanted by He who has dominion, and occurs twice as a function of both realms. As a result of the Collective overpowering the Elder Gentiles in the Great War of Asa, those who once lived as one, are now separated. Now the people in the Realm of the Collective must make an offering in order to contact or visit the original Realm of the Elder Gentiles.

Back when everything went boom by the hands of He who has dominion, He for short, the High Silah of the Elder Gentiles was born. Silah was the one made by He to guide his lesser creations towards the Beyond. He created Silah from the gas which was before, and the creations accepted Silah and gave of their earthly form. As the dust settled upon the horizons, each thing gave an atom of its being as an offering to the High one who was without bounds. Silah dons the earthly cover as a sign of humility and devotion to the creations. All successors of the original are born from the gas of the first Silah, and wear the same earthly cover given by the first creations.

The 999th Silah was captured by the Collective after the Great War of Asa. The prophesy of the 1000th Silah was to be fulfilled on the night of the third red moon. 1000th was to usher in an era of light, forgiveness and peace by establishing a direct link between the physical and the Beyond. In order to harness the power of the Silah Bond shared among all previous Silahs to give birth to the new, the earthly cover had to be removed, leaving him vulnerable in his meditative, gaseous state. The High Guard of the Elder Gentiles fought to protect the High Silah, but were all vanquished by the advanced technology of the Collective. The 999th High Silah was captured; the Elder Gentiles were dismantled, and the people auctioned, enslaved and trapped in a new age of dominion and darkness.

Stay tuned for the next installment 🙂

Karissa ♥


I Want to Own the Land

I grew up in a small town in a house on a hill surrounded by mountains. Looking out over the valley filled with small communities nestled within the trees, were the slopes which were dotted with houses. As I aged, the numbers grew. My community was small. Once it thrived as a close-knit family where everyone knew each other. Now, since many from other communities have moved in, the heart beats slower each day. The faces grow different and distant each passing year. My grandmother once knew every child in our community; now she knows only a few.

Things and times change. Change is as inevitable as the rising of the sun or the movement of time. As a matter of fact, all of these activities require change for them to occur and be constant. Change can be messy and perfectly neat. Change can occur in so many forms. Yes there are constants, but things never remain the same. Change is the driving force of this universe. There is no balance or chaos without change. We must accept and embrace change.

I’ve accepted that my hometown will never be the same as I remember it. I’ve accepted that the faces and buildings I’ll see while walking from my childhood home to the corner store will always be different. I love my hometown, and I will continue to love it in-spite of the change and because of the change.

In loving my hometown, and my house on the hill, I have grown to love the open. Roaming through the fruit trees in my back and front yard or sitting under the huge orange tree at the front of my house has always grounded me. It provides a sense of peace, a sense of pride, a sense of belonging to the land.

I love nature. I love roaming through gardens and forests. I love the songs of birds and rustling of leaves with a gentle breeze which lifts the hairs on your skin oh so gently. I love the glistening of my skin in the sunshine as the rays pierce through the canopy of the trees to caress me. I love the curiosity of the animals as they scurry, hide and observe as you explore their home.

I want to buy the land to reclaim the value and the meaning. I want the land for my family. I want the land for my peace of mind.

I would love to have a farm. A few animals, a few plots for crops, some trees and a lake. During recent times it has become clear to me that I need to be involved in some form of physical work to offset the exhaust caused by constant academic pursuits. I want to get my hands dirty. I want to feel a sense of accomplishment when I harvest my crops and watch them grow. It’s important for me to feel connected to the land because of my rural backgrounds.

There is a limited amount of land available on this earth, so it is one of the best investments because they aren’t making any more of it. I want my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and all subsequent generations to have a place of their own in the world. I want them to branch out and explore, but still have a small place where their heart resides and they’ll always feel welcome, loved and at peace.

I want the land as my fore-mothers have wanted it. I need the land for me.

Karissa ♥

Latest thoughts on being inspired

YouTube has become my preferred distributor of entertainment for the past few months. All throughout college, Netflix had served as my most beloved plug to waste away my time when I should have been studying. I think I’ve reached an impasse. I’ve watched the exciting movies and tv shows. I’ve watched the documentaries. I’ve watched the cartoons. I feel as though I’ve watched it all. I know I haven’t, but that’s the feeling I have. Somehow my love for Netflix has soured and turned my favorite into my second choice.

Maybe it’s because I feel more connected to the people in YouTube videos. It’s like having a conversation where they send you videos and you send yours back, but you don’t actually send them videos. In your mind, and sometimes out loud, you reply. It’d be creepy if you sent them videos.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have to commit to a 1.5 to 2 hr long movie. Even though I love long vlogs that I can put on and work to, I prefer shorter videos that are beautifully edited or filled with impactful content. Sometimes a little video of your daily happenings can be so beautiful if you string the scenes or angles together with a good bit of computer work.

My latest clutch has been Sha’an of Furry Little Peach because her videos provide tons of inspiration for a creative mind. I’ve noticed that since I’m so inspired there has been some transference of thought. It’s as if I’m so inspired that I think I can create in the same way she can, but I can’t. She is an amazing illustrator, and I am not.

It’s important to accept inspiration, but be able to discern ability. Do what you have the ability to do.

Try new things, and work with what works best for you.

Karissa ♥





the leaves outside my window fade

green leaches from the veins

replaced by red orange yellow

structure suffers decays

colder and colder still

downpour rinses stems and leaves

green stalks now ripe with age

prepare for incoming frost

leaves shake goodbye to tree and trunk

wind comes

lifeless limp leaves rain upon damp earth

now covered by dead foliage

red and green leaves

Karissa ♥

The apartment I need to have 

I wrote this all in one go. As the thoughts formed in my brain, I wrote them down. I want to share this private conversation I had in my mind with you.

I really want to have the apartment downtown, close to school, but I can’t afford it. I try to be honest with myself, but my wants and desires are stronger than my will for control.

I want to move out and be on my own like the many people who say they moved out early and made it work. I want to go through the struggle of not having much, but having the freedom of living alone. I’m not much for responsibility, but I want the responsibility of having a small home away from home. A way for me to test out living on my own. My grandma stayed at home, my mom stayed at home, I don’t want to stay at home. I want to break free from the generational hold and find new ground to explore. To set new standards.

I want the apartment close to school so I can be at peace knowing I don’t have an hour to 1.5 hrs commute to get back home. I want to not worry about how I’m going to get home when I need to stay at school to study or work or practice or just participate. All my life I’ve lived far from my educational institutions. I’ve never participated as much as I wanted or could have. Never lived up to my full potential in that aspect. I’m 21 years old, years young. I want to release myself from the shackles of the constant commute so that I am able to focus on excelling and not how I’ll make it home that night or day or morning.

I need the apartment for my own well-being. But I can’t afford that apartment. I can’t afford school, but I still apply because I need it for my future. I need this apartment so I have to figure out how to get it.

Karissa ♥