Job less mess

If you're currently unemployed, broken or disappointed in thyself, trust in the process, rise from the pain and use the energy to fuel your success! 


Motivational Quotes for the Soul

We all need a little reminder of God's Love and his direction for our life. Even if you are not religious, it's good to have motivational quotes to boost your positivity and emotional wellness. I'm a big fan of self-care, so I love reminding myself of my innate bad-assery and gawgusness with little love notes… Continue reading Motivational Quotes for the Soul

Alzheimer’s Disease ; Don’t Fear, Be Aware

My grandmother will be 76 years young in August. This woman has been a tower of strength in my family since she was born. She was the one to take care of her parents when they were laden with sickness in their old age. She has loved and taken care of me and all of… Continue reading Alzheimer’s Disease ; Don’t Fear, Be Aware