Fall-ing in Love With Coats

Folks! Here in the windy streets of Chicago, the cold is 'cozying' it's way into our homes and settling right under our skin. Man it's cold! Plus it'll get worse before it gets better. Since we have no current power to change the weather to our benefit, we need to dress our skin and bones… Continue reading Fall-ing in Love With Coats


How to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer!

We open our eyes to a new day and new opportunities every time we wake up from our slumber. We can be so engaged with our day to day tasks that we don't realize or acknowledge the movement of time. It can seem to stand still, but sometimes it can move in a flash. To… Continue reading How to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer!

Fashion: Haulin’ some Accessories!

Hola mis amigas! After finding out I'll be going back to work on Monday (yaay), naturally I went shopping to prepare! My office environment is super casual and easy going, thank God! I bought some clothing pieces, but these accessories are too cute not to share! The shoes are from Payless, the bag is from… Continue reading Fashion: Haulin’ some Accessories!

I’m Blessed! Motivational Quotes

Hello everyone! I hope this post brings you joy, motivation and positive energy! Remaining motivated and being reminded that there is purpose and a grand plan for my life has kept me emotionally stable. Throughout the past few months, my mind has remained steadfast in the fact that God has a plan for my life!… Continue reading I’m Blessed! Motivational Quotes

Past Pressure Now Pleasure: A Day in Downtown Chicago

I remember when I first moved to Chicago 5 years ago. I was so uncomfortable around new people and in social interactions. Being in downtown Chicago would give me so much anxiety because of the fast pace and large volume of people. Even though I loved it and wanted to be comfortable, I felt so… Continue reading Past Pressure Now Pleasure: A Day in Downtown Chicago