Trapped Trapped within the confines of my own cerebral These fore walls those membranes Stuck World rotating, me plucked left standing still Life in limbo How low will it all go Arms elbows finger tips reach for dreams Further drift day by day tear by tear Heart full, ache  brain shrinks from no challenge Hit… Continue reading Trapped


Grandmother’s hands 

Cradling and cradle rocker  Hands work toil fight for survival Love vibrates settles emanates from each vein and cell Large veins  Tanned skin brown from lifetime of sun no screen  Joints bent crooked facing God  Strong to wield and lift and carry Soft to touch and love and caress  Old wise ever present ever ready… Continue reading Grandmother’s hands 


It's a fascinating idea - superheroes or superpowers - because they illuminate those qualities which we hope and work towards embodying. Superpowers. For me to address any topic, I must first decide on my understanding of the topic just as a base for further discussion. Superpowers are not just flying or shooting lasers from your… Continue reading Superpower