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a moment

moment - Karissa Jacksnmoment - Karissa Jacksnmoment - Karissa Jacksn

Karissaย โ™ฅ




Trapped within the confines of my own cerebral

These fore walls those membranes


World rotating, me plucked left standing still

Life in limbo

How low will it all go

Arms elbows finger tips reach for dreams

Further drift

day by day tear by tear

Heart full, acheย  brain shrinks from no challenge

Hit send regurgitate no takers

Months to year

Silver spoon rusty

Gold platter shattered

Pocket dusty



Within womb


can you feel the churning above your head?

I know you can feel hear experience the beat of my heart

my blood your blood separate yet intermingle

fingers toes within my flesh

your little hiccups vibrate throughout my womb

too much chocolate for me

crazy flips for you

hands on my bump, circular movements

calm you you settle in the lower curve of my dropped ball

snore are you snoring while floating float

I fret worry about you

do I you need more greens should I exercise

would you prefer vaginal or c-section

will you like your name or will it grow on you


I know you love me know I love you too


via Daily Prompt: Baby


arms spread
not so high, not stiff
shoulders relaxed
head tilted to the side, habit
shirt clinging to protruding orbs
hangs over flat middle
flows and ends at the beginning of thigh
reaching out to the world
running away from each other
not fast but slowly
flared jeans cuffed up to knee
skin ready for splash and wet
green caresses the rush
green intertwines, guides the rush
green joins the rush when it dies or dips too close
the rush rushes over rocks
drops and rises
from fast narrow to slow vastnessย 
she stands before the waterfall
striking a pose, any pose
she knew not of poses
arms out she thought and why not?
wish, want to lay beneathย the earth’s spillage
wish, want to remain clothed


via Daily Prompt: Float