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Past Pressure Now Pleasure: A Day in Downtown Chicago

I remember when I first moved to Chicago 5 years ago. I was so uncomfortable around new people and in social interactions. Being in downtown Chicago would give me so much anxiety because of the fast pace and large volume of people. Even though I loved it and wanted to be comfortable, I felt so… Continue reading Past Pressure Now Pleasure: A Day in Downtown Chicago


Trapped Trapped within the confines of my own cerebral These fore walls those membranes Stuck World rotating, me plucked left standing still Life in limbo How low will it all go Arms elbows finger tips reach for dreams Further drift day by day tear by tear Heart full, ache  brain shrinks from no challenge Hit… Continue reading Trapped

Offspring: Will I contribute to the population?

I am an only child. Well my biological father has a ton of kids, but in my eyes I am an only child because I grew up without siblings. I remember making up so many games and using my imagination to max potential to come up with ways to entertain myself. Of course that was… Continue reading Offspring: Will I contribute to the population?