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A Note on the Seasonal Nature of Life

We all have different 'seasons' or periods in our lives where we can't understand the purpose of our current circumstances within the grand scheme of things. Sometimes we can only see the purpose or potential after the chapter has ended and the seasons have changed. Sometimes the purpose never becomes evident until we have accomplished… Continue reading A Note on the Seasonal Nature of Life


Fall-ing in Love With Coats

Folks! Here in the windy streets of Chicago, the cold is 'cozying' it's way into our homes and settling right under our skin. Man it's cold! Plus it'll get worse before it gets better. Since we have no current power to change the weather to our benefit, we need to dress our skin and bones… Continue reading Fall-ing in Love With Coats

An Eyelash’s Journey to Valhalla

As the first alarm went off at 5:25 am, she rolled over with barely open eyes to turn it off. The second at 5:30 am was met with slightly wider cracked eyes and groggy face as she stretched over to the night stand to turn off the barking alarm. The final alarm was at 6:00… Continue reading An Eyelash’s Journey to Valhalla

On the Topic of Writing. A Jumble of Thoughts.

I think I should write. What should I write about? Should I conjure up a scene dripping with imagery or a simple story-line which ebbs and flows with an easy tone? Should I detail the happenings of my early morning commute with the bus driver and the construction? What about writing down my thoughts on… Continue reading On the Topic of Writing. A Jumble of Thoughts.

Top 5 Tips to Deal with Getting into Classes during Registration.

Imagine being so excited about your future classes. Even though you have to take a few heavy courses to stay on track, you've added in one or two fun classes to lighten the amount of work and stress you'll have to deal with. You know your registration time and are ready to hit the add… Continue reading Top 5 Tips to Deal with Getting into Classes during Registration.

How to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer!

We open our eyes to a new day and new opportunities every time we wake up from our slumber. We can be so engaged with our day to day tasks that we don't realize or acknowledge the movement of time. It can seem to stand still, but sometimes it can move in a flash. To… Continue reading How to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer!

The tractor outside my window

I want to drive the truck. I want to command the machine. I have a fascination with hard labor for some reason. My brain has reasoned that my years of intellectual advancement have left me wanting for physical development. Most days I agree. He drives the tractor with such eloquence and efficiency. It can't be… Continue reading The tractor outside my window

What to do During your Gap Year before Medical School

Hello everyone! ♥ The topic of remaining and becoming more competitive during my gap year has been forefront in my mind. I have mauled over this topic continuously and have come up with a few options which can give me, as well as you, an edge going into the application process. I find that most… Continue reading What to do During your Gap Year before Medical School

Top 10 Tips On How To Ace This Semester!

Hello my beautiful friends! This time last year I was a university senior excited to make it through her last year! It's so hard to believe! It was a bittersweet time because my undergraduate career was coming to an end, and I had so much to look forward to in my future. There are a… Continue reading Top 10 Tips On How To Ace This Semester!