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Overflowing – an art journal entry

i feel all the creativity in me •

not in a painting drawing illustrating kind of way •

but a journaling collaging words and pictures kind of way •

i watch the movies read the poems see the people •

the words spring to my tongue •

like a dam bursting   overflowing




Karissa ♥


How to Stop Spending All of your Money!

Hello everyone!

As we approach the highly commercialized O.o holiday season, I feel compelled to share some money saving tips. These are not just for the holiday season, but can be implemented in everyday life to help you keep the purse strings closed.

Of late I’ve found myself moving from wanting to buy everything either impulsively or because it’s cheap or both to only buying things that I actually need and can use in my day to day life (most of the time O.o lol). My 6 month job drought in the beginning of the year forced me to stay away from all shops and websites, so I, out of learned behavior or habit, don’t like to spend money on unnecessary things. Yes, I still slip up every now and then, but it’s important to be strict and avoid all unnecessary spending. If you need to treat yourself for your own emotional well-being or sanity, then go ahead! What’s life if you can’t do things to make yourself happy?!

Just a little note before we begin:

  • It won’t work unless you are committed, like anything else in life. You have to be strict with yourself, and be determined to cut out unnecessary spending!
  • This will help even if you have tons of disposable or discretionary income. You can always open a savings account with the money you were once spending or put it towards paying off credit cards or loans.

Step One: Figure out your spending habits

Take note of your spending habits for the day, week or month. Find out what you are spending money on? You can write on your phone on the notes app or journal, get a specialized budget app or make a spreadsheet. Once you know how you spend money day to day, you can use that info to create a working savings plan that works for you.

Step Two: Figure out bills and expenses 

The next step is to figure out your daily, weekly or monthly  expenses. Make a note of all of your bills, loan, insurance or credit payments, food, gas etc. so you know how much money will definitely be leaving your bank account each month. Also note how much money you expect to earn or get each month.

Step Three: Budget time

Make a budget. Deduct your bills and necessary monthly expenses from your incoming funds to calculate your discretionary income. Savings should always be a part of your expenses. Think of it as something you have to pay like a bill so your mind won’t think of it as free money sitting in an account that you can touch whenever you want. Once that money hits your savings account, condition yourself to think that it’s locked away in an outer-space vault which only opens when you hit your savings goal to buy that expensive item, or when something unfortunate happens.

Budgeting is an amazing tool to help you recognize and cut unnecessary expenses. Be ruthless with cutting things out for the first week or month. By taking things away, you’ll see how much you really need them or if you just like wasting money on some trivial things. For the following month, add in the things you really need and can afford. This also a good time to brainstorm ways to increase income.

Step Four: Eyes on the prize 

Stay away from websites which usually draw you in. It’s important to remove temptation as much as possible in the beginning until you’ve built up good money spending habits!

Save for the things you want! Make a vision board of the things you would like to save towards or keep photos of the item or experience as your screensaver or on your mirror so you will be constantly reminded to save.

Learn to live with the things you already have. Better to buy quality that will last forever, than trend pieces which will disintegrate after the first use.

Try diys to salvage the things you have or can afford now instead of throwing away things that can re-used or irresponsibly spending.

Step Five: Savor the little things

Find free or inexpensive things which will make you fulfilled and happy. It can be a painful time when you are used to spending for fun, but it’s all for a great cause!

Final Thoughts

Who knew being a responsible adult who handles money well would be this difficult and time-consuming! Well everyone else who is older than I am lol. I want a refund from this whole adult thing; the whole thing was misrepresented in all the adverts and commercials!

Anyhoo, I hope you try out theses tips! Leave your money-saving tips below so we can help each other out! I know so many people end up being broke when January in the new year rolls around, so put away some dough so you can be comfortable in the new year!

With Love,

Karissa ♥

Latest thoughts on being inspired

YouTube has become my preferred distributor of entertainment for the past few months. All throughout college, Netflix had served as my most beloved plug to waste away my time when I should have been studying. I think I’ve reached an impasse. I’ve watched the exciting movies and tv shows. I’ve watched the documentaries. I’ve watched the cartoons. I feel as though I’ve watched it all. I know I haven’t, but that’s the feeling I have. Somehow my love for Netflix has soured and turned my favorite into my second choice.

Maybe it’s because I feel more connected to the people in YouTube videos. It’s like having a conversation where they send you videos and you send yours back, but you don’t actually send them videos. In your mind, and sometimes out loud, you reply. It’d be creepy if you sent them videos.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have to commit to a 1.5 to 2 hr long movie. Even though I love long vlogs that I can put on and work to, I prefer shorter videos that are beautifully edited or filled with impactful content. Sometimes a little video of your daily happenings can be so beautiful if you string the scenes or angles together with a good bit of computer work.

My latest clutch has been Sha’an of Furry Little Peach because her videos provide tons of inspiration for a creative mind. I’ve noticed that since I’m so inspired there has been some transference of thought. It’s as if I’m so inspired that I think I can create in the same way she can, but I can’t. She is an amazing illustrator, and I am not.

It’s important to accept inspiration, but be able to discern ability. Do what you have the ability to do.

Try new things, and work with what works best for you.

Karissa ♥



A Note on the Seasonal Nature of Life

We all have different ‘seasons’ or periods in our lives where we can’t understand the purpose of our current circumstances within the grand scheme of things. Sometimes we can only see the purpose or potential after the chapter has ended and the seasons have changed. Sometimes the purpose never becomes evident until we have accomplished some feat which grew out of the time of uncertainty.

As we age towards the end, we are increasingly faced with choices and responsibility for our lives and those around us, whether directly or indirectly. Choosing to purchase a doughnut will affect others who are also waiting in line, the cashier who will have to ring up your order, the store manager who will have to process your sale on the daily report, the factory or distributor who sells the starting products to the store and so many more. We are indeed all connected. Our actions are like force; when force is applied, an  opposite force pushes back. Life is not rigid, so the opposite push back force may be greater than your original force. The push back could either be in your favor or not depending on the action.

Our happiness and satisfaction in life is influenced 90% by our reactions and attitudes  and 10% by the actual events. Yes, there will be awful and disheartening events and actions taken against you, but how we choose to deal with them determines how stressful or stress-free our lives can be. It can be extremely difficult to see the silver lining or the good in a storm, but it is always there if you have the courage and patience to find it.

Be patient, be brave, be happy!

Karissa ♥

cling to what is gooduncomfortable situationsGod has a purposehis will, my faith

Fall-ing in Love With Coats

Folks! Here in the windy streets of Chicago, the cold is ‘cozying’ it’s way into our homes and settling right under our skin. Man it’s cold! Plus it’ll get worse before it gets better. Since we have no current power to change the weather to our benefit, we need to dress our skin and bones in protective layers until the weather does us right!

I’ve been fattening my eyes with some window shopping for the fall, and I wanted to share some of my recent findings with you all! There are so many types of coats and jackets, so I hope you find one that will treat you right and keep you warm in this weather!

From the sheep to your body!


Trenches not gutters!

Wrap it up, Anorak!

Fur the love of warmth!

Stay warm my lovelies!!

Karissa ♥


Top 10 Tips On How To Ace This Semester!

Hello my beautiful friends! This time last year I was a university senior excited to make it through her last year! It’s so hard to believe! It was a bittersweet time because my undergraduate career was coming to an end, and I had so much to look forward to in my future. There are a few things I wish I had done differently, but I am blessed and proud of my accomplishments!

The past four years have equipped me with expert tips on how to make it through each semester. It’s important to adopt and practice good study and life skills from the beginning to ensure smoother sailing during rough final and exam periods when time seems non-existent! Here are a few of my tried and true tips to help you ace this semester!

Make a schedule


Whether it’s strict or loose, it’s always good to have a general idea of what will happen each day or during the week or the month. I have found that using a schedule keeps me on track to complete assignments on time. It also allows me to able to more efficiently use my time. If there is some concert or game that I want to go to, I have all of my upcoming tasks and events in one place so I can make a quick and informed decision to go or not.

Connect with professors

It’s so important to form a good relationship with at least a few of your professors. Go to office hours from the beginning and show an interest in the class and your grade. When it’s time for recommendations, you will have some professors who know you and can speak to your passions and strengths. Keep in contact even after the class ends, and it’s even better to make connections with professors who are in your future professional field.

Review syllabus

Even though most professors reserve the first class for reviewing the syllabus, always run through briefly before starting classes. Be aware of all the class policies and structure of exams and grading scale. Most professors include assignment due dates and exam dates in their schedule breakdown for the semester, so add these to your own calendar and schedule!

Figure out your study style

It’s better to know how you study best from the beginning than to wait till final exam week to realize you’re studying ineffectively. There are so many different ways to study whether using flashcards, re-writing notes, watching videos, teaching others or re-reading notes. Find what works, and stick with it!


Study early and often

Reviewing often and consistently will make your life 100% easier! For me, when I see the material more often, I’ll be more likely to remember it. Review your notes after class or at the end of the day, or even at the end of the week. This way when exams roll around, you won’t need to relearn the material, but just review to remember even the small details.

Protect study time

study time


Do not compromise study time! If you aren’t able to study at the scheduled time, move around some things to make time. The only way to remember the material is to study, so ensure you leave enough time in your schedule to study!


Find a comfy study spot

I am a serious nester! I need to be extremely comfortable in my study environment so I can focus all of my energy and attention on retaining the material. Whether it be at home, in the library, at a coffee shop or in i-hop, find a comfy place where you won’t be distracted.

Form study groups (if that’s your thing)

I utilize study groups as a second resource. I usually ensure that I know at least 85% or the material before participating in a study group to ensure that I can contribute to the discussion. I learn through continuously reading and teaching others; the more I read and recite, the more i’ll remember. Use study groups, if that’s your thing, to teach and quiz your classmates.

Scope out clubs to join

Even though this post is focused on academics and grades, it’s super important to have a healthy social life, well as healthy and social as our exams and assignments allow you to be. Go out and meet new people. Engage in new, safe and exciting social activities. There are so many options in many schools for clubs or greek life that you can be a part of. Not only is it important for your mental well-being, it looks amazing on your resume! Enjoy this time while you still can; it’s not all about grades, but how well you use your experiences, both academic and social, to enhance your intelligence and overall ‘well-rounded-ness’.

Be healthy!


Don’t forget to eat! Stay active as much as you can. Most schools have gyms with free classes like yoga and bootcamp. Take advantage of these!! Practice self-care and surround yourself with positive and encouraging images, people and environments.

Other key tips

Connect with your academic adviser and department adviser to help plan out your academic career, stay true to your dream and vision for your future, choose classes and register early to ensure you get the classes you want, get meaningful volunteer and intern experiences early and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Be proud of yourself, take pride in your work and always strive for better!


Be happy and healthy my loves!

Karissa 🙂


I’m Blessed! Motivational Quotes

Hello everyone! I hope this post brings you joy, motivation and positive energy!

Remaining motivated and being reminded that there is purpose and a grand plan for my life has kept me emotionally stable. Throughout the past few months, my mind has remained steadfast in the fact that God has a plan for my life! I have had a very good life, with many beautiful years to come. I have worked hard to get the experiences I’ve had in the past through the grace of God. I believe in staying steadfast, especially in times of strife, in order to persevere and enjoy the fruits of my labor even more.

A little update: Your girl is employed! Finally! Thank you Jesus!

Anyhoo, here is a healthy dose of positivity!



Be happy and healthy loves!

Karissa 🙂