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How to Stop Spending All of your Money!

Hello everyone!

As we approach the highly commercialized O.o holiday season, I feel compelled to share some money saving tips. These are not just for the holiday season, but can be implemented in everyday life to help you keep the purse strings closed.

Of late I’ve found myself moving from wanting to buy everything either impulsively or because it’s cheap or both to only buying things that I actually need and can use in my day to day life (most of the time O.o lol). My 6 month job drought in the beginning of the year forced me to stay away from all shops and websites, so I, out of learned behavior or habit, don’t like to spend money on unnecessary things. Yes, I still slip up every now and then, but it’s important to be strict and avoid all unnecessary spending. If you need to treat yourself for your own emotional well-being or sanity, then go ahead! What’s life if you can’t do things to make yourself happy?!

Just a little note before we begin:

  • It won’t work unless you are committed, like anything else in life. You have to be strict with yourself, and be determined to cut out unnecessary spending!
  • This will help even if you have tons of disposable or discretionary income. You can always open a savings account with the money you were once spending or put it towards paying off credit cards or loans.

Step One: Figure out your spending habits

Take note of your spending habits for the day, week or month. Find out what you are spending money on? You can write on your phone on the notes app or journal, get a specialized budget app or make a spreadsheet. Once you know how you spend money day to day, you can use that info to create a working savings plan that works for you.

Step Two: Figure out bills and expenses 

The next step is to figure out your daily, weekly or monthly  expenses. Make a note of all of your bills, loan, insurance or credit payments, food, gas etc. so you know how much money will definitely be leaving your bank account each month. Also note how much money you expect to earn or get each month.

Step Three: Budget time

Make a budget. Deduct your bills and necessary monthly expenses from your incoming funds to calculate your discretionary income. Savings should always be a part of your expenses. Think of it as something you have to pay like a bill so your mind won’t think of it as free money sitting in an account that you can touch whenever you want. Once that money hits your savings account, condition yourself to think that it’s locked away in an outer-space vault which only opens when you hit your savings goal to buy that expensive item, or when something unfortunate happens.

Budgeting is an amazing tool to help you recognize and cut unnecessary expenses. Be ruthless with cutting things out for the first week or month. By taking things away, you’ll see how much you really need them or if you just like wasting money on some trivial things. For the following month, add in the things you really need and can afford. This also a good time to brainstorm ways to increase income.

Step Four: Eyes on the prize 

Stay away from websites which usually draw you in. It’s important to remove temptation as much as possible in the beginning until you’ve built up good money spending habits!

Save for the things you want! Make a vision board of the things you would like to save towards or keep photos of the item or experience as your screensaver or on your mirror so you will be constantly reminded to save.

Learn to live with the things you already have. Better to buy quality that will last forever, than trend pieces which will disintegrate after the first use.

Try diys to salvage the things you have or can afford now instead of throwing away things that can re-used or irresponsibly spending.

Step Five: Savor the little things

Find free or inexpensive things which will make you fulfilled and happy. It can be a painful time when you are used to spending for fun, but it’s all for a great cause!

Final Thoughts

Who knew being a responsible adult who handles money well would be this difficult and time-consuming! Well everyone else who is older than I am lol. I want a refund from this whole adult thing; the whole thing was misrepresented in all the adverts and commercials!

Anyhoo, I hope you try out theses tips! Leave your money-saving tips below so we can help each other out! I know so many people end up being broke when January in the new year rolls around, so put away some dough so you can be comfortable in the new year!

With Love,

Karissa ♥

Play! by Sephora Beauty Subscription Box

A little review! Play by Sephora Beauty subscription box November 2017

A few months back, I received an email from Sephora about open spots for their beauty subscription box. I rarely ever wear makeup and my skincare routine is very simple, so I usually don’t sign up for beauty subscription boxes. Especially since I’ve been on a strict budget for the past couple of months, I, shopaholic extraordinaire, tried to stay away from all of the shops both online and physical. Now that I can loosen my purse strings a little, I’ve been exploring all of the shops and feasting my eyes. This box first drew my attention because it is so inexpensive, only $10! I’ve gotten it for 2 months now, and I want to share this little bit of joy with you!


How it works!

When they have open spots, you are able to subscribe and begin receiving boxes with free shipping. You create a PLAY! PROFILE where you answer questions about your skin, makeup and skincare preferences which they will use to curate your boxes. p.s. They only ship to the US. They usually charge your card within the first few days of the month, and your bow will arrive by the second week of the month.

The box comes with 5 beauty samples either hair products, makeup or skincare and a monthly fragrance bonus item all in a theme specific collectible bag every month.

They have a video for each month detailing how to use the products.

There is a little booklet which has how-tos and product info with a play pass which you can redeem in store for 50 bonus Beauty Insider points and a free one-on-one tutorial.

They also have PLAY! DATES which are monthly meetups to teach you how to get the most out of the products in your box.


Lets hop to it!

Here are the beauty bits I received this month!



Isn’t this the cutest! I don’t have the patience to color this in, but it’s beautiful! lol


The little booklet has all the info you need to jump right in and start using the products!


These little bags are the cutest!!! 


Great reminder! Hard to be calm when you’re getting new bits! 


Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum


Origins Clear Improvement® Active Charcoal Mask


Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara


Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel


Moroccanoil Moroccanoil Treatment


My Burberry Blush


This smells amazing!! 

I loved this months box! Can’t wait to try out these bits and see how they work for me!

Here’s the booklet from last month’s box which was also bomb!


If you want to try out some new beauty bits and you don’t want to invest in full size items, this box is perfect for you! They have wonderfully curated items which have been a hit for me so far!

See if they have any openings left here!

Be happy and well my beautiful friends!!

Karissa ♥

I’m trying to be more consistent with posting. Things have been changing in my life emotionally, work-wise, school-wise and otherwise so I’m working on being on a schedule to have everything run smoothly.

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I love and appreciate all of you, and am so grateful to be able to share my many musings with you!

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Fall-ing in Love With Coats

Folks! Here in the windy streets of Chicago, the cold is ‘cozying’ it’s way into our homes and settling right under our skin. Man it’s cold! Plus it’ll get worse before it gets better. Since we have no current power to change the weather to our benefit, we need to dress our skin and bones in protective layers until the weather does us right!

I’ve been fattening my eyes with some window shopping for the fall, and I wanted to share some of my recent findings with you all! There are so many types of coats and jackets, so I hope you find one that will treat you right and keep you warm in this weather!

From the sheep to your body!


Trenches not gutters!

Wrap it up, Anorak!

Fur the love of warmth!

Stay warm my lovelies!!

Karissa ♥


Fashion: Haulin’ some Accessories!

Hola mis amigas! After finding out I’ll be going back to work on Monday (yaay), naturally I went shopping to prepare! My office environment is super casual and easy going, thank God! I bought some clothing pieces, but these accessories are too cute not to share!

The shoes are from Payless, the bag is from Ross and the knobs are from Dressbarn!



Have you been shopping lately? What do you like to shop for? Or do you not like to shop?

Be happy and healthy my loves!

Karissa 🙂


Thrifting in my Closet: 3 Summer Dresses – Same style, different patterns

Hello my beautiful friends! I started a series a while back where I find clothes that I love in my closet to feature instead of buying new items in an effort to curb my spending habit.

If you love shopping and clothes as much as I do, you know the struggle! O.o

Anyhoo, I dove into my closet and here’s what I found 🙂

A few years ago I went to a end of year Old Navy sale and went ham! It was such an amazing sale; a thing of dreams. p.s. Old Navy and Gap are my OG favs.

I love these simple cami dresses that I can throw on and go, so much so I bought 3 different patterns. They are a bit on the short side because I am 5’11, but with a good dose of self-confidence, i’ll rock these bad boys any day (except when it’s windy lol). Also, shout out to my strapless bra for always having my back.

I usually don’t do too much when styling them. A simple bucket bag, my pearl knobs and some sandals or keds depending on my pedicure situation.

Tropical Escape

Tropical Escape Old Navy Cami DressTropical Escape Old Navy Cami Dress

Flower of my Dreams

Flower of my Dreams Old Navy Cami DressFlower of my Dreams Old Navy Cami Dress

Lavender Charging Plaid

Lavender Charging Plaid Old Navy Cami Dress20170716_203119069_iOS

What are your fave summer clothing items?

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Karissa 🙂

Motivational Quotes for the Soul

We all need a little reminder of God’s Love and his direction for our life. Even if you are not religious, it’s good to have motivational quotes to boost your positivity and emotional wellness. I’m a big fan of self-care, so I love reminding myself of my innate bad-assery and gawgusness with little love notes I turn to for encouragement. ♥ ♥ ♥

Here are a few of the quotes I love. Not only are they motivational, they are so beautiful!! Remember to be physically and emotionally happy and healthy. 

Karissa 🙂 


Thrifting in my Own Closet: So Many Pairs of Black Shoes

Hello my beautiful friends! Today I want to share a little about my apparent obsession with black shoes. I was looking through my closet today and realized that most of my shoes are black. Now, six pairs might not be a lot for most people, but I don’t own many pairs of shoes. I guess they go with most of my clothes, so at least they’re practical.

I am the living embodiment of impulsive shopping. I may have a similar item, or I don’t need it, but if I like, it’s coming home with me. That’s part of the reason I’ve stopped shopping or even looking around online and in stores because I don’t have an income at the moment. Prevention is better than cure! I’m sure someone out there understands the struggle!

I was on the hunt for a pair of Chelsea Boots for a couple months! I even bought a men’s pair from Asos because no where else had it in my size and didn’t expect me to pay with a kidney and half my liver. I found these from Target for only $25. I loved these shoes, but they were so uncomfortable. I had to remove the soles so my feet could fit, but that may the shoe supper thin and it was still a little tight. I was so hard-headed. I wouldn’t give up on it! Plus it looked so amazing with my outfits! Being gawgus hurts, okay …

p.s. In the colder months, jeans become my second skin 🙂 

These bad boys came home with me when I started working at Target overnight. (My feet disintegrated after standing, bending and lifting continuously for 8 hours each night so I stopped working there). I bought these at Kohls for $60. They don’t provide a ton of support, but they’re comfortable for exercise and daily use.

These babies are either a year or two years old. I don’t quite remember, but they were cheap and are still comfortable. Simple black sandal with a 1 inch heel for any occasion.

I bought these the same summer I bought the pair above. They were from Payless and were probably on sale. They’re very comfortable. Not much more to say about them.

I got these shoes maybe 4 years ago from Macy’s for $20 ish dollars. They were originally 65 dollars O.o ? Sad thing is, I haven’t worn them!! I bet if I had spent more, they would be on my feet 24/7.

This is the newest addition to this little obsession I have going. They were around $15 from Payless. I love them!!! I’m currently going on interviews and these have been my go-to shoes. So beautiful and easy to walk in, but a pain to get out of when you get home. The cute factor cancels all that though; I still love them.


Do you have any collections happening within your closets? Let me know!

As always, be happy and healthy!!!

Karissa 🙂