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Fashion: Haulin’ some Accessories!

Hola mis amigas! After finding out I’ll be going back to work on Monday (yaay), naturally I went shopping to prepare! My office environment is super casual and easy going, thank God! I bought some clothing pieces, but these accessories are too cute not to share!

The shoes are from Payless, the bag is from Ross and the knobs are from Dressbarn!



Have you been shopping lately? What do you like to shop for? Or do you not like to shop?

Be happy and healthy my loves!

Karissa πŸ™‚



Thrifting in my Own Closet: So Many Pairs of Black Shoes

Hello my beautiful friends! Today I want to share a little about my apparent obsession with black shoes. I was looking through my closet today and realized that most of my shoes are black. Now, six pairs might not be a lot for most people, but I don’t own many pairs of shoes. I guess they go with most of my clothes, so at least they’re practical.

I am the living embodiment of impulsive shopping. I may have a similar item, or I don’t need it, but if I like, it’s coming home with me. That’s part of the reason I’ve stopped shopping or even looking around online and in stores because I don’t have an income at the moment. Prevention is better than cure! I’m sure someone out there understands the struggle!

I was on the hunt for a pair of Chelsea Boots for a couple months! I even bought a men’s pair from Asos because no where else had it in my size and didn’t expect me to pay with a kidney and half my liver. I found these from Target for only $25. I loved these shoes, but they were so uncomfortable. I had to remove the soles so my feet could fit, but that may the shoe supper thin and it was still a little tight. I was so hard-headed. I wouldn’t give up on it! Plus it looked so amazing with my outfits! Being gawgus hurts, okay …

p.s. In the colder months, jeans become my second skin πŸ™‚Β 

These bad boys came home with me when I started working at Target overnight. (My feet disintegrated after standing, bending and lifting continuously for 8 hours each night so I stopped working there). I bought these at Kohls for $60. They don’t provide a ton of support, but they’re comfortable for exercise and daily use.

These babies are either a year or two years old. I don’t quite remember, but they were cheap and are still comfortable. Simple black sandal with a 1 inch heel for any occasion.

I bought these the same summer I bought the pair above. They were from Payless and were probably on sale. They’re very comfortable. Not much more to say about them.

I got these shoes maybe 4 years ago from Macy’s for $20 ish dollars. They were originally 65 dollars O.o ? Sad thing is, I haven’t worn them!! I bet if I had spent more, they would be on my feet 24/7.

This is the newest addition to this little obsession I have going. They were around $15 from Payless. I love them!!! I’m currently going on interviews and these have been my go-to shoes. So beautiful and easy to walk in, but a pain to get out of when you get home. The cute factor cancels all that though; I still love them.


Do you have any collections happening within your closets? Let me know!

As always, be happy and healthy!!!

Karissa πŸ™‚

Something New, Something Blue

So, I have a problem with buying clothes, but we won’t dwell on that right now.

Right now, we’ll have a little show and tell session. P.S. most of these things are blue πŸ˜‰

Β Off the Shoulder Embroidered Top

I’ve really gotten into off the shoulder trend. I found an amazing strapless bra (on sale!), and now I feel like I can take on the world! Honestly, get you a good strapless bra gurl! It’ll change your life!

This was from Ross and was only 9.99 … O.o

Lace Detail Top

I am an Old Navy girl through and through! While rummaging through the store, I found this beauty on the sale rack. I love the bright color that will just pop on my skin tone, and the beautiful lace work!

I love H&M for cheap basics. This was less than 10 bucks , and I love the material at the top.

Bell Sleeve Top

Found this gem in Kohls over the weekend. It’s not a standout top, but it’s comfortable, cool and cute for the summer!

Comfy Shoes

Got these beauts for 19.99 from Ross. These Keds are sooo comfy! I have worn them everyday since I bought them. Love!


-Kaj πŸ™‚